Power Bills To Increase Under New Scheme

A treasury official has told a Senate hearing that households will pay an extra $78 for their electricity in the first year of an emission trading scheme, rising to $146 in the second year.

Tips to Help You Save Electricity in Winter

Australians are becoming more concerned about the cost of heating as the temperature has dropped considerably.

A survey that was recently conducted showed that 50 percent of us worry that we won't be able to pay our electricity and gas bills this winter.

Here are 12 tips to save on your energy bill:

Electricity Prices: Average Household Electricity Bills Due to Rise

Once the Federal Government adopts it's emissions trading scheme households are expected to pay on average $7 week extra in electricity and gas bills.

Compare Electricity: Green is the new Black, VIC Electricity

Now more than ever, it has been important to think about the impact of your environmental footprint.

Switches, leads and power points

Use these simple tips for using and maintaining electrical switches, leads and power points in good working order and making your home safe:

Electric Appliance Safety in the Home

Use and maintain electric appliances safely around your home:

  • Remove breadcrumbs from the toaster regularly as a build up can be dangerous.
  • Electric blankets should be checked at the start of each winter for damaged wires, plugs, leads and hot spots. If the electric blanket is damaged you should replace it immediately.

Electricity Prices: A Green Home Is a Dream Home, Electricity Deals

Unions have called on the Federal Government to pay for a mass retrofitting of homes to slash electricity use.

It would cost the government $5500 a piece to fit a home with insulation, double glazing and smart appliances. Australians could save $400 a year on electricity bills and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Victorian Electricity & Gas Price Capped Removed


The Victorian government has legislated to remove all price caps on retail electricity prices and gas rates from the 1st of January 2009.

The Victorian government was previously responsible for setting the maximum that Victorian electricity companies and Victorian gas suppliers were allowed to charge to consumers.

Energy Saving Tips

How to save power when heating hot water in the bathroom.

  • Take shorter showers to save water and power.
  • Install a AAA showerhead and save up to two thirds of hot water.
  • Set the hot water temperature between 60 - 65 degrees.
  • For children set the temperature between 50-55 degrees to prevent the children from burning themselves.

Switching providers - Will my lights go out or my gas stop?

The answer to the above questions is NO.

Unfortunately not all electricity retailers provide ShopAround with their pricing data and accordingly these retailers are not listed on ShopAround or Rate Detective. We hope in time that these retailers will provide such data so that comparison sites, like Rate Detective, can provide a complete transparent picture of electricity pricing which will help educate consumers and create increased competition in the electricity industry.

Please note that Rate Detective remains completely impartial and unbiased to all our suppliers who have provided pricing data.