Latest Life Insurance News in Australia -

Women, Heart Disease and Life Insurance

When it comes to taking out life insurance and income protection, Australians are slowly catching up with the rest of the developing world.

Time To Consider Life Insurance

When you are young the last thing that you think about is taking out Life Insurance.

Life Insurance is essential for people with a family or dependents. Your main purpose is to insure that your family is adequately provided for.

Low Cost Life Insurance Policies

The Way To Find The Best Life Insurance

It is imperative that you make yourself fully aware of the fine print of various life insurance policies, so that you can be rest assured that your loved ones will be fully provided for after you have gone.

ING Australia: Life Insurance Claims in 2009

One of the biggest obstacles for Australians taking life insurance is fear of claims not being paid. In 2009, ING Australia paid over $204 million in life insurance claims to over 2,800 customers.

Life Insurance Application - Common Questions

When filling the life insurance or income protection insurance application most of the time you will be asked some common questions.

Insurance Disclosure Issues Within Super Funds

Inadequate disclosure of insurance premiums within the superannuation sector has made it close to impossible for consumers to compare premiums.

TOP Life Insurance Companies - Rankings For 2009

Below you will find rankings of TOP Life Insurance Companies in Australia by total premium inflows for 2009.

Use Life Insurance Calculator For Your Research

It is necessary to make sure that you make yourself aware of all the terms and conditions applicable to your life insurance policy. Some insurance companies even offer as an incentive to insure your children free of charge.

APIA Life Insurance and APIA Income Protection

There is no such product as "APIA Life Insurance" or "APIA Income Protection". APIA can only offer Car Insurance, Home Insurance and Boat Insurance. But...