Australian ATM's Easy For Card Skimming

Due to the high withdrawal limits set by the local banks Romanian crime gangs are targeting Australian ATM's for credit card skimming.

Romanian police chief Elias Tudose stated that the gangs had singled out Australia because of the vulnerability of local ATM's and light sentences imposed by the courts.

Cards withdrawal limits are too large in Australia

Due to our larger withdrawal limits at ATM's when they skim our cards, they can take more money at one time.

While addressing the National Identity Crime Symposium on the Gold Coast last week Mr. Tudose stated that Australian authorities were too soft on Eastern European fraudsters and local courts did not impose appropriate sentences to dater Romanian and Bulgarian gangs.

They see Australia as an easy target because they think that the punishments are not as severe, and as our ATM machines are fairly old they are a little weaker in security so they are able to use simple methods.

Australia's ATM fraud record is not that bad?

The Australian Banker's Association disputed these comments and defended Australia's fraud record.

ABA chief executive David Bell stated that if chief Inspector Tudose had evidence that Romanian gangs were targeting Australia why didn't the Romanian police arrest the members of these criminal gangs before they arrived in Australia, and before they defrauded Australians.

They could also contact Australian authorities, who could apprehend these criminals at the Immigration before they enter Australia.

Several gang members operating in Sydney were arrested in April, while others are in custody and are appealing against their sentences.

Australia's fraud rate was relatively low (32c per $1000) compared to other countries in the world.

Published on October 10-th, 2009 in Credit Cards
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