Electric Appliance Safety in the Home

Use and maintain electric appliances safely around your home:

  • Remove breadcrumbs from the toaster regularly as a build up can be dangerous.
  • Electric blankets should be checked at the start of each winter for damaged wires, plugs, leads and hot spots. If the electric blanket is damaged you should replace it immediately.
  • Electric blankets should be laid flat and secured tightly on the bed so that the blanket can't crease.
  • Remember to turn off your electric blanket at the power point when you get into bed.
  • Switch off and unplug your toaster before trying to remove toast, muffins or crumpets that are stuck in the toaster.
  • Never use a faulty electric appliance, or one that has a frayed cord, cracked or broken plug, or any appliance that has given someone any kind of shock.
  • To avoid a shock, always switch off power points before plugging and unplugging appliances.
  • Remove appliances from the power point by holding the plug, and not by pulling the cord.
  • Never leave cooking unattended.
  • Have appliances serviced regularly in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.
  • Never leave your home with appliances such as heaters, ovens and cook-tops operating.
  • Never place fan heaters, televisions and electrical equipment in areas with restricted airflow as overheating may occur.
  • Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer after each use and ensure the load goes through a full cycle to allow the dryer to cool down.
  • Remove any build-up of materials around the electric motor of exhaust fans (eg.fluff, dust and lint.)
  • Clean range hood filters regularly.
  • Clean ovens and stovetops regularly to prevent build up of spilled fats and burnt foods.
  • Install a ventilation system or exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove fumes while cooking.
  • When buying second-hand appliances make sure that a licensed electrician has tested them.
Published on October 10-th, 2008 in Electricity
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