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What is Green Energy?

Green Energy is a term used to describe sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

Green energy is commonly thought of in the context of electricity, heating and co-generation.

The aim of the Greenpower is to encourage more power generation from renewable sources thereby decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, while increasing the sustainability of Australia's electricity supply.

For the consumer Greenpower endorses only those renewable electricity products that are best for the environment. They also provide confidence to the customer that what they are supporting is the best for the environment and non-polluting.

It's easy to go Green! Compare Green Energy.

Types of Green Energy

Nearly all electricity retailers allow you to purchase electricity from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydro and biomass. If you choose Green Power, your retailer is obliged to purchase the amount of energy that you use from renewal energy projects. Your choice will help Australia to move away from dirty, polluting coal.

Solar energy is the energy we derive directly from the sun's rays. We can do this in two main ways.

Photovoltaic Cells or rather solar cells as they are more commonly known as. These convert the sun's rays directly into electricity, which is then transformed into electricity, which is then used in the home.

Solar Thermal takes the sun's rays and uses it to heat water to store the heat for later use. This method is most used for solar hot water and is now being trailed to produce high-pressure steam to drive a turbine to produce electricity.

Wind Energy comes from moving air, which is converted, to electric power to create electricity. Due to unequal solar heating of the earth, wind is generated. As air flows past the rotors of a wind turbine, the rotor spins and drives the shaft of an electric generator.

Biomass Organic materials such as wood by-products and agricultural wastes that can be burned to produce energy or converted into a gas and used for fuel.

Hydro. Hydroelectric generators use the force of falling water and fast flowing streams to produce electricity. Hydro is considered to be a clean and green form of electricity and there are no greenhouse gas emissions during the generation process.

Compare Green Energy

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Published on October 10-th, 2008 in Electricity
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