Electricity Prices: A Green Home Is a Dream Home, Electricity Deals

Unions have called on the Federal Government to pay for a mass retrofitting of homes to slash electricity use.

It would cost the government $5500 a piece to fit a home with insulation, double glazing and smart appliances. Australians could save $400 a year on electricity bills and dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The Southern Cross Climate Coalition has proposed this plan and if it were to succeed then 20,000 additional jobs would be created.

If 500,000 homes were to be retrofitted then 1.5 million tonnes of emissions would be saved. By retrofitting 1.2 million homes 17,000 jobs would be created and 3.7 million tonnes of emissions would be saved.

Once an emission trading scheme is established in 2010 it is likely gas rates and electricity prices will increase because most electricity comes from coal, so generates greenhouse emissions.

Under the proposal, wealthy households would pay something towards their retrofit, while lower income households would get it for free.

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Published on October 10-th, 2008 in Electricity
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