Stop Paying Too Much for your Electricity Today!


  • There are now a myriad of varied and often complex deals on offer from the various retailers. The key things to assess when weighing up that seductive sounding 30% discount is, what’s the base rate the retailer is starting out on? The discount may not look so great if their base rate is high.
  • Make sure you check the duration of the discount period.
  • Assess it against your typical usage. Does the discounting line up with your heavy use times?

Lock in rates

  • This can seem appealing when electricity rates seem to always be going up but can cost you extra in the long run. Again check your usage habits to determine if locking in rates would be the right move for you.

Green Energy

  • For a growing number of people price is not the only consideration in choosing a retailer. If your aim is to “go green” and reduce your carbon footprint there are certain electricity retailers who offer you better options than others regarding electricity generated from non-fossil fuel sources.
  • If you already use or, or are planning to introduce solar power into the mix at your residence again certain retailers will have plans better suited around your requirements.

Seek out expert advice

  • If you’ve been looking around for the best deal you’ve probably realised there can seem like there is a sea of conflicting and confusing deals and mis-information out there.
  • Researching every company thoroughly can be frustrating, time consuming and you may still make mistakes as diligent as you try to be.
  • Who really wants to deal with salespeople, and ask yourself could someone representing one company every give you objective advice?
  • Rate Detective offers a free electricity consultation service where a large panel of leading retails are screened to find the one that best serves your needs and electricity usage habits.

Which are some of the companies your Rate Detective consultant has available to find the best choice for you?

Through our comparison partner Rate Detective has access to a panel of 16 retail electricity companies including those that provide green energy and gas solutions as well.  

How do you I get started?

  • Have a copy of a recent bill from your current electricity retailer for your residence, business or both.
  • Fill in the form on this page and you will be contacted by a consultant who will run you through the comparison process.
  • You will have to answer a few simple questions about your current usage habits and what’s important to you.
  • Leave the rest to the consultant who will let you know the results of the comparison.

How long does the process take?

  • Only five minutes for your initial consultation
  • One you and your consultant have settled on the best retailer for you your billing moves seamlessly from your current retailer to your new one with no interruption to your service at all.
Published on June 6-th, 2014 in Electricity
Damon Rasheed is the CEO of Rate Detective, an Australian financial service comparison sites specialising in Life Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and home loans. Damon holds a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Melbourne and has been involved in many start-up internet businesses.