How Trauma Insurance Helps Heart Attack Victims

Should you suffer a serious life threatening illness such as heart attack or stroke you and your family will require funds to pay for treatments or to ease the financial burden of debts. These illnesses typically require extensive medical treatment, which often is not covered by private health insurance.

Heart Attack and Trauma Insurance

Modern treatments allow many sufferers of heart attack or stroke to make a full recovery in a relatively short period of time. (Some heart attack victims are capable of returning to work after 8 weeks.) Trauma Insurance is designed to remove the financial pressure and enable you to return to work (or normal life) as soon as possible.

This is important for two reasons - if you have suffered a critical illness of some description, the treatment you choose and how quickly you obtain treatment could depend on your financial situation.

Without funds you would be restricted to the options available and that could cause added stress.

People who usually suffer heart attack or stroke often need to re-evaluate their lifestyle, and often being unable to work for a certain period and having no financial assistance can seriously hinder their rate of recovery. After a heart attack or stroke one needs to focus on rehabilitation not on financial stress, and this is where trauma insurance provides the funds to enable this to occur.

How does trauma insurance work?

Trauma cover policies pay a lump sum if the Insured Person is diagnosed with a medical condition and satisfies the definition of that specific event in the insurance company's Product Disclosure Statement. It is not dependent on whether you return to work or whether you work at all. It is paid as a lump sum.

Trauma insurance can be taken as a strand alone policy, or attached to the life insurance policy.

Heart attack help is available through trauma insurance. Speak to one of our consultants today.

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Published on April 4-th, 2010 in Trauma Cover
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