Basic Types of Travel Insurance

Whether you're traveling for just a few days or for a year or more, it's always a great idea to get travel insurance. After all, there's no telling what could happen during your trip, so it always helps to be prepared for any contingency. You might get sick from the food that you eat, cause injury to another person on the road, or you might suddenly find out that you're expecting!

Like other types of insurance, travel insurance comes in many varieties. This helps travelers pick the best coverage for their needs based on their type of trip, age, or health. In this article, we'll share with you some of the more popular types of insurance, so if you're ready then read on. Let's get started with...

  1. Backpacker's travel insurance. Backpackers typically travel from one country to another for extended periods of time. So if you're planning on a multi-destination trip that spans over several months, then it's a good idea to get this type of insurance. This usually provides longer coverage than other types of policies, and it can also provide cover for some types of activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping.
  2. Multi-trip insurance. The most common type of insurance only covers you for a single trip. It's okay if you only travel once a year, but if you travel often, then this is the type of travel insurance for you. The advantage of this is that it's more convenient since you don't need to apply for insurance every time you travel, and you also save money in the process since it is usually cheaper than getting separate travel insurance for each of your trips.
  3. Travel insurance for pregnant women. Just because you're expecting doesn't mean you can't enjoy your trip anymore. With this type of travel insurance, you can be covered during your trip, usually up until the end of the second trimester. However, it always helps to confirm with your insurer the level of coverage they provide.
  4. Travel insurance for seniors. This type of travel insurance allows seniors to have fun during their trip without worrying about getting adequate medical coverage when they need it.

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Published on April 4-th, 2013 in Travel Insurance
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