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Income Protection Insurance for AFL Players

Australians love their football. The football code we follow matters little. So it does not matter if you are a fan of the Australian Football League, Australian Rugby Union, National Rugby League, or the Football Federation of Australia. We are all united in our love of the sport.

However, football players have not received this kind of love from insurance companies, at least until recently. The thing is that insurers deem playing the sport inherently dangerous, so they refuse to provide any cover for the players. You see, insurance companies are in the business of risk assessment. The riskier the lifestyle of a person that needs cover, the greater the chances of them making an insurance claim. Insurance companies thus require higher premiums for high-risk individuals, or in the case of football players, they might not be covered at all.

However, the truth is that players need to be covered too, especially if playing the sport is their main source of income. Now what would they do if they suddenly got injured during the game and are unable to play indefinitely? Sure, their medical expenses may be covered, but what about their other expenses?

The great thing is that Rate Detective has struck a deal with insurance companies to help football players receive income protection insurance. With only just a loading of 25%, players can now be covered when they get injured while playing the sport. So if for example a player pays $100 in premiums per month, all he needs is add $25 and he will receive full coverage.

Alternatively, a player can choose to lengthen the waiting period of the insurance instead. So for example, if your waiting period is 30 days, you could stretch it to 90 days, and pay the same amount of premiums and be covered for your football-related injuries.

Now because you are reading this, chances are that you are a football player yourself, or that you are friend or partner of one. However, you are not entirely convinced yet if you need this type of coverage. That is why we have written this article for you to help you see the advantages of taking out income protection insurance for football players. Let us get started with….

Reason #1: It Saves You from Worries

If you suddenly get injured while playing football, you run the risk of being out for the rest of the season. Sure, your team might provide for your medical expenses and may continue to pay for your salary, but what would you do if you get sidelined for a lot longer than expected? Your team might naturally choose to let go of you. Now without your main source of income, you might have difficulty not only to keep up with your rehabilitation, but also for your daily expenses such as food and gas.

With income protection insurance, you will be able to receive up to 75% of your salary while you are recovering. Since you receive regular income, then you free yourself and your family from worries about where you will get the funds for your daily expenses. Being injured is difficult enough already, so aim to lower your level of stress and anxiety by taking out income protection insurance.

Reason #2: It Keeps Your Savings Intact

Let us assume that you have extra savings lying around, which you intended to spend on buying a new home, or for your children’s education. However, you start to consider using it for your household and medical expenses now that you are injured. With income protection insurance, you will not be forced to dip into your savings, since your basic needs will be covered while you recover. With this type of insurance to back you up, you will be able to use your savings the way you originally intended to.

Reason #3: It Lets You Focus on Your Recovery

If you suffered from a serious injury, then it might take a long time for you to recover from it. However, you could speed up the healing process if you could focus on it every day. It might be difficult to achieve, though, if you were constantly worried about where you would get the money for your daily expenses. So somehow, this reason is closely connected with number 1. If you are free from anxiety and worry because you have income protection insurance to cover you, then you could give your recovery the focus it deserves. You will be less frustrated and will have a more rewarding journey towards getting stronger than ever.

Before You Take Out Income Protection Insurance

One thing you need to keep in mind when applying for income protection insurance is that it varies from insurer to insurer. Some may provide attractive rates, but will shortchange you with the features. Others, meanwhile, provide exhaustive features, but leave you paying for a policy that you do not really need.

It is therefore important that you compare rates before you settle with a particular insurer. You need to confirm first that there is a perfect balance with the features that you need and premiums you can afford.

Here at Rate Detective, you can use our rate comparison tool to find out which among Australia’s top insurance companies can provide you with a policy that is right for you. All you need to do is fill in the form on this page with all the necessary details and then click on the submit button. You will then be sent to a page where you can view rate comparisons of various insurers all over the country. From there, you could opt to talk to one of our qualified advisors to help you with the application process. And because we know how important your time is, we can even help you take out insurance over the phone. So if you are ready to get started, start filling in the form on this page and click on the submit button.