The Energy Market

The energy market comprises of three levels.

1. Generators

This is the collective name given to the companies that are responsible for the production of the basic product of electricity.

Methods utilized to generate include amongst others wave power, hydro stations, windmills, solar panels, and natural gas plants with nuclear power in the future. These power companies generate most of the energy that we use in Australia and release it to the National Grid, where it is pooled and bought by electricity or gas suppliers and companies who are responsible for ensuring they buy enough energy to supply their customers like us.

2. Distributors

These are separate from the generators and suppliers they are responsible in keeping the power supply running. They ensure that the power and gas is continuously delivered to your home or business with minimal dropouts.

Listed below are some of the distributors:


Alinta owns and operates a number of gas and electricity distribution networks around Australia.


Owner and manager of the electricity distribution network in Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs.

Country Energy

Country Energy manages Australia's largest power supply network across 95 % of New South Wales' land mass and offers retail electricity in five states and territories.


Energex is the electricity distribution network owner in South East Queens land and northern New South Wales.


EnergyAustralia operates one of the largest electricity networks in Australia distributing electricity to the Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter regions.

Integral Energy

Electricity distributor and retailer in NSW, mainly serving Western and Southern areas of Sydney.

Powercor Australia

Victoria's largest electricity distributor.

SP AusNet

SP AusNet is a major electricity and gas distributor in Victoria.

3. Retail or Suppliers

These are the companies that are responsible for making sure that the electricity or gas consumption will be delivered to you.

In recent years due to the introduction of full retail competition electricity and gas suppliers are continuing to obtain a greater share of the market.

By means of more aggressive cheap electricity and gas deals, consumers continue to choose and compare the most competitive deals from their own supplier.

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Published on October 10-st, 2008 in Electricity
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