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Looking for a simpler application process?

Are you self employed, a casual worker or just don't have the same documentation available to traditional workers? Low docs loans are growing in popularity, and are made to suit those who are unable to produce the same level of documentation as traditional home loan borrowers. Low doc loans have fewer requirements to help non-traditional workers get a home loan

A low doc loan may be suitable for people who are:

  • Self employed.
  • Employed on a casual basis
  • Employed as a contractor

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Looking for a non-conforming home loan?

If a tax debt or bad credit rating is getting in the way of borrowing money for a home loan, the a non-conforming loan could be for you. Generally, lenders charge a higher interest rate to carry the extra risk, but talk to Rate Detective today and see the competitive loans available. Find out more

Customer Testimonial

Thank you for your invaluable assistance in securing loan funds in order for me to settle my property purchase. I can now tell you I did not think I had any chance of getting finance but had no choice but to keep trying!I have no doubt it was only your persistence, perseverance and intimate knowledge of the Banking Finance system that got my loan over the line. Indeed, anyone else I had previously talked to about financing this project disappeared very quickly.I would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone who is looking to finance a project.

- Helen Konynenburg