Adelaide Bank

Adelaide Bank was established in January 1984 and originated from Australia’s largest building society at the time, the Co-operative Building Society of South Australia. It then merged with Bendingo Bank in 2007, which formed Bendingo and Adelaide Bank Limited. Today, this bank is Top 6 in all of Australia in terms of capitalisation.

Currently, Adelaide Bank operates under the Bendingo and Adelaide Bank Limited as its dedicated intermediary lending business. As such, it focuses on supporting intermediaries through constant product innovation and unparalleled levels of service.

The bank’s mortgage products are distributed through partnerships with industry professionals. This enables its customers to have the freedom of choice when choosing products that best fit their financial needs.

Adelaide Bank’s Services

Adelaide Bank is a mortgage provider that services the third party mortgage industry. Its portfolio funding also funds aged care and third-party credit providers. Here’s an overview of these services:

1. Mortgage broking. This service places an emphasis on building strong relationships, providing user-friendly products, as well as fast and predictable service. The bank also prides itself in providing a personalised approach to the needs of its clients. And since it offers greater reliability and direct access to the bank’s decision makers, customers will be able to take out products that truly benefit them, faster.

2. Mortgage origination (HomeLend). This enables mortgage providers to do what they do best at the front end, such as providing an outstanding customer experience, while Adelaide Bank handles all their back office needs. What’s more is that they will be able to access the bank’s full suite of products and can decide on their own margin.

3. Mortgage management. Clients will be able to provided end-to-end mortgage products and services under their own brand with Adelaide Bank’s mortgage management service. This enables them to take advantage of the bank’s strong marketing, distribution, credit and servicing expertise through its integrated lending platform.

4. Portfolio funding. Adelaide Bank’s offers sustainable funding solutions to lending businesses in both mortgage and non-mortgage markets.