Bank of Melbourne

The Bank of Melbourne prides itself in being a local bank with a strength that lies on local knowledge. It operates exclusively in Victoria and its headquarters are based in Melbourne. The people behind its branches and corporate banking centres are locals who understand the neighbourhood. After all, who are the best people to provide advice to Victorians, but also other Victorians? Thus, this local feel turns banking into a conversation where employees take the time to listen the needs of their customers in order to find solutions that are suited to the way they live. Over the next five years, the bank aims to grow further by having more than 300 ATMs and 100 branches and corporate centres in Victoria.

Bank of Melbourne’s Products and Services

The Bank of Melbourne provides world-class service with a local feel. Customers can thus expect to have quality products and services right in their own neighbourhood. Here’s an overview of what the bank offers:

1. Personal. This caters to the needs of individuals who wish to do anything from saving money, putting up investments, growing their wealth, preparing for retirement, achieving their desired lifestyle, and more. Under this are bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, home loans, personal loans, investments, and superannuation products and services.

2. Business. Small and medium-sized businesses in Victoria can find a reliable partner in the Bank of Melbourne. From bank accounts, to payment solutions, business loans, equipment finance, superannuation, to credit cards, the bank will be able to provide a suitable kind of service.

3. Corporate. Corporate clients that have more complex needs can simplify their operations with the bank. The Bank of Melbourne can provide financing, reports to help businesses make sound decisions, international transactions, electronic solutions, risk management, and advice of industry specialists, just to name a few.