Since 1969, BT has helped Australians prepare for their future with the company’s range of superannuation, investment, and insurance products that are designed to suit the unique needs and goals of individuals.

With the help of the guidance and the advice offered by its financial advisers, BT enables its clients to become better investors. More than just preparing for the future, the company also helps its clients prepare for the best, be it the best home, the best future for their loved ones, and the best way to prepare for their retirement.

BT is a part of the BT Financial Group, the wealth management division of the Westpac Group.

Services Offered by BT

BT’s products and services are designed to help their clients buy a house, manage their super, invest, and get insured. Here’s a quick overview of what the company offers:

1. Home loans. From first home buyers to property investors, BT can create a loan package that suits individual needs and goals.

2. Superannuation. BT helps their customers prepare for retirement with their range of Superannuation management services. These are open to individual clients, employers, and businesses that wish to make managing their Superannuation Fund easier.

3. Investment. Those who want to grow their wealth can choose from BT’s investment services, such as single and multi manager funds, direct investment funds, and asset management based on the investor’s age.

4. Insurance. From term life, to income protection, to business overheads insurance, the company provides plenty of options to those who wish to secure their future.

5. Advice. BT’s range of advice include free general advice offered over the phone to more comprehensive solutions that require a financial planner. The latter is ideal for investors who want to create an investment strategy to help them achieve their investment goals.

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