For over 20 years, ClearView has helped Australians achieve their financial goals. It currently has over 60,000 insurance policies in force and manage $3.1 billion funds under management and advice. Under this organisation are a wide variety of products and services that range from investments, superannuation, retirement, and life insurance. All these help ensure that the needs of individuals are covered whatever the stage of life they’re currently in.

ClearView offers a number of distinct advantages. For one, it specialises in providing financial advice on creating wealth, protecting their clients’ future, and planning for retirement. Aside from that, the company boasts of an extensive network of financial planners who put their clients’ interests first before their own. There are also a comprehensive mix of solutions in store for clients regardless of the stage of life they’re in. The company is also a trusted and established one, having been in existence for over 20 years, and because of its status as a publicly listed company.

ClearView Investment and Life Insurance Products

Here is a quick overview of ClearView’s product range:

1. Superannuation and roll-overs. This product that helps customers save up for retirement or “park” it before they decide to retire.

2. Pension plan. Customers will receive regular and tax-effective income once they retire, while at the same time have their superannuation money invested in an investment option of their choice.

3. Managed investments. This pools the customer’s money with the money of other investors. Professional investment managers will then manage these investments, and allow investors to diversify it into several asset classes, such as shares, property, and fixed interest and cash.

4. Life. This is designed to protect the policyholder’s lifestyle and give them peace of mind. That way, they are prepared for whatever life throws at them in the future.

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