Homeloans Limited

Homeloans Limited was founded in 1985 in Australia by current company directors and major stakeholders Tim Holmes and Rob Salmon. It was initially referred to as the International Financing and Investment (IF&I) company, which offered mortgages for the Bank of Melbourne (then RESI Building Society). In 1993, IF&I formed an alliance with Adelaide Bank, which led to a rebranding to WA Home Loans. And because of its success and eventual expansion, five similar state-based brands were developed, which are Homeloans VIC, Homeloans NSW, Homeloans QLD, Homeloans SA, and Homeloans Canberra Pty Ltd.

After being listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2001, the company continued to expand with the acquisition of FAI First Mortgage, Access Home Loans and Eurofinance Corporation. Finally, in 2002, the national brand of Homeloans Limited was born.

Today, Homeloans Limited provides Australians with home loans solutions and loan distribution to customers via Third Party or Direct sales channels.

Products and Services

Homeloans Limited offers competitive and flexible home loan products and solutions to a wide variety of clients: first home buyers, self-employed individuals, property investors, and those seeking to refinance their loan. Clients have a plethora of home loans to choose from, including Standard home loans, Standard Line of Credit, Specialty home loans, Lo Doc home loans, Lo Doc Line of Credit, and Specialty Lo Doc home loans.

Homeloans Limited knows the importance of competitive interest rates when it comes to choosing a home loan, but they also place a high value in providing the best features that come with their products. The company’s products include features such as redraw, early repayment facilities and even offset accounts. Of course, there are also standard options that people have come to expect from home loans, from variable rate to fixed rate to specific home loans for building and renovation.