Loan Avenue

Founded in 2005, Loan Avenue caters to Australians who are in need of first class service at a reasonable price. The company works with a team of mortgage experts who provide the best solution for the specific financial needs of their clients. It features people with real experience in the finance industry, which adds more value to the kind of service they provide. Their funds come from leading international and domestic banks and this gives people assurance that they are a tried and tested lender.

Loan Avenue Products and Services

Interest rates are a major consideration for any type of borrower. Of course, having attractive additional features that come with the loan is also a huge plus.

Loan Avenue offers several types of home loans, each of which cater to a specific need. Clients can choose from variable rate loans, fixed rate loans, lines of credit, split or combined loans, bridging finance, 100% offset loans, lo doc loans and non-conforming loans. Aside from that, the company also provides investment property loans, business loans, owner-occupied home loans or refinancing of existing loans and they even assist in loans that do not meet the general lending criteria.

Here are some of the types of home loans the company offers:

  1.  Premium range. This option combines the benefits of a standard home loan with the advantages of a 100% offset loan.
  2.  Self employed LoDoc loans. As the name would suggest, this is designed specifically for self employed individuals who have no time to submit all the necessary requirements for a loan application.
  3.  Refinancing and debt consolidation. Those looking for a better deal than their current loan just might find the solution in this option.
  4. Investment loans. Clients who want to build or increase their wealth may finally do so with this option designed for property investors.