Pepper Money Home loans

Pepper Money is an Australian owned, people focused lender providing home loans, car loans, equipment finance and personal loans.
We work with all sorts of people and businesses from blue collar to blue chip. Whatever your circumstances, we take a uniquely flexible, human approach assessing each situation individually.

Since 2001, we have helped over 100,000 Australians achieve their financial goals and we live our mission: to help people succeed.

Pepper Money is about finding a solution, whatever your individual circumstance.

Whether you have everything in order, or have a slight credit impairment, Pepper Money’s product range may be able to help you!
Pepper Essential:
A basic standard variable rate home loan that offers flexible repayment options for borrowers with a clean credit history. Key features include interest only repayments for eligible applicants, no limit on the number of debts that can be consolidated, a 100% interest offset sub-account, redraw facility and Visa debit card access. Full Doc and Alt Doc options are available, providing borrowers with flexibility.
Pepper Easy:
A home loan with flexible features for borrowers who may have experienced credit impairment two or more years ago. Key features include unlimited defaults under $1,000 accepted (paid or unpaid), no restrictions on length of employment, no third party Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) approvals required, cash out for acceptable purposes such as business use and payout of ATO debts and no limit on the number of debts that can be consolidated.
Pepper Advantage:
A home loan for those who are unable to meet the criteria of banks or mortgage insurers. Pepper Advantage offers flexible repayment options to borrowers who have experienced credit impairment within the last two years. Key features include accepting borrowers discharged from bankruptcy (must be discharged for at least 1 day), 100% interest offset sub-account, unlimited number of debts consolidated and alternative income verification methods accepted.