Suncorp Bank

Suncorp Bank is a regional bank that’s part of the Suncorp Group. As a regional bank, it places a premium on connecting with its customers and the communities where it operates.

It was established in 1902 and was originally known as the Queensland Agricultural Bank. Today, it provides its products and services through its 230 branches, agencies, and Business Banking Centres all over Australia, as well as its 2,200 Suncorp Bank and Bendigo ATMs.

Suncorp Bank’s Products and Services

From bank accounts to investing, Suncorp Bank provides a wide variety of products and services that meet the financial needs of its customers. Here’s a quick overview on what the bank does:

1. Bank accounts. Under this are a range of accounts that suit the unique needs of individuals, so whether they simply wish to do everyday banking, or hold funds for their clients, Suncorp Bank have accounts for those. Accounts include those for personal transactions, business banking, travel money, term deposits, and trust accounts.

2. Savings. This enables individuals and businesses to build up savings with competitive interest rates. With personal savings accounts, people can make their money work harder for them. Meanwhile, business savings accounts offer no monthly account keeping fees and unlimited electronic transactions

3. Loans. From unsecured personal loans to business loans, the bank can provide individuals and business owners the financial boost they need so they can live a better life or take their business to the next level.

4. Home loans. Owning a home is made simpler with Suncorp Bank’s chome home loans. These range from standard variable loans to line of credit home loans.

5. Credit cards. Whether for personal use or for business, Suncorp Bank has credit card options to suit every need.

6. Agribusiness. These are specialised products and services designed for farmers, which include cash flow solutions and agribusiness loans.

7. Investing. Suncorp Bank helps its clients grow their wealth through its investment solutions, such as margin lending, share trading, and term deposits.

8. Foreign currency. These range from providing travelers with access to money while abroad, to meeting their foreign exchange needs, to doing business abroad.

9. Financial services. From merchant services to financial planning, Suncorp Bank provides a number of financial services that will help individuals and businesses manage their finances better.