The Rock Building Society

Simply called The Rock, the company believes in helping Australians move to their dream home as quickly as possible. This is why decisions on home loan applications with the company are made in 60 minutes or less. That’s not all. It also offers low rates on its Essentials Home Loans, which do not come with establishment or ongoing fees, enabling borrowers to pay off their loans faster.

Home Loans by The Rock

The Rock offers home loans to practically every type of borrower, from first home buyers to property investors. Here’s an overview of each of these products:

1. First home buyers. The Rock enables homebuyers to move into their dream home faster in a number of ways. There are variable rate and fixed rate options, as well as line of credit for those who want better control over their loan.

2. Buying their next home. From standard variable loans to line of credit options, The Rock can help borrowers purchase another property, be it as a vacation home or for investment purposes.

3. Property investors. The company also offers attractive loan products specifically designed for property investors. These include options of variable and fixed rate loans, as well as line of credit, which is ideal for those who wish to purchase and then renovate properties.

4. Builders. Those building their homes from scratch also benefit from The Rock’s plethora of loan products. Standard variable rate, fixed rate, and line of credit options are available under this.

5. Renovators. Whether renovating their own home or an investment property, borrowers can get attractive loan packages from The Rock.

6. Seeking refinancing. It doesn’t matter what one’s reasons are for refinancing -- be it to get a more affordable loan or to pay it off sooner -- the company has options available at very competitive rates.