Stepped vs Level Insurance Premiums

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Important Information

Not all providers in the market are included in the comparison.

Any information or advice contained on this website is general in nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.

When considering to take out a life insurance, income protection or trauma insurance policy you have the choice of how you would like to structure your insurance premiums either through Stepped or Level premiums.

Stepped Premiums – Insurance Premiums are calculated based on your age, meaning all else being equal the younger you are the less risk you are to an insurance company and the cheaper the premiums will be.

Level Premiums – Insurance Premium do not increase with age. The tradeoff is that you pay more today for the cover but you pay a lot less as you get older.

Initially when we see insurance premiums we can be mis-lead in thinking the cheaper Stepped premium option is the better.

But Level premium cover can provide a greater long term saving and in many cases you can save you up to 50% of the total amount of insurance cover paid over your life time if you keep the policy to age 65.

Claims history has proven to us that when we most need insurance (ages 40 to 55) the cost of insurance can sometimes be too expensive to keep. By taking Level cover your insurance premium will stay the same, so in our later years when we need the cover the most, we will still be able to afford it. Take a look at the case study below.

Case Study - Stepped and Level Premiums

Age: Male, 38 years old
Occupation: A class - professional and clerical
Salary: $80K - Monthly benefit $5,000, non smoker.

Income Protection Premium comparison - annual (LCS)

The values below are examples only to demonstrate the difference between Stepped and Level premiums and may not be the same values applicable to you.

Age next birthday Yearly Stepped Premium ($) Yearly Level Premium ($)
39 1,193.07 1,805.55
40 1,256.86 1,805.55
45 1,754.50 1,805.55
50 2,647.70 1,805.55
55 4,204.42 1,805.55
60 5,461.28 1,805.55
65 5,346.44 1,805.55
27 year average 3,477.57 1,805.55
Total premiums to age 65 93,894.47 48,749.85
Inflation adjusted 2,164.51 1,262.34

Benefit details: Plus contract, $5,000 monthly benefit, inflation linked, agreed value, guaranteed renewal, benefit period to age 65, 1 month waiting period, no short waiting periods for accidents, no extra benefits option, indexed claim benefit, no aids exclusion. Premium excludes policy fee, premiums are not guaranteed and may be varied in the future.

Critical Illness premium comparison - annual (PPP)

Age next birthday Yearly Stepped Premium ($) Yearly Level Premium ($)
39 942.49 2,482.49
40 1,084.17 2,482.49
45 2,273.05 2,482.49
50 4,226.21 2,482.49
55 7,839.93 2,482.49
60 14,993.55 2,482.49
65 26,934.06 2,482.49
27 year average 8,431.66 2,482.49
Total premiums to age 65 227,654.96 67,027.23
Inflation adjusted 4,830.42 1,735.61

Benefit details: Critical Illness (extension) $500K (plus), inflation linked, life cover buy back option, no extra benefits. Connected to Life Cover Super. Premium excludes policy fee, premiums are not guaranteed and may be varied in the future.

What to choose - stepped or level premiums?

The choice between Level and Stepped Premiums depends on your individual circumstance. However a good rule of thumb is that if you are planning to hold the policy for 10 years plus you should consider the levelled premium option if it is within your budget.

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