Product Disclosure Statements

On this page, we've made available informational documents about all the insurance policies we cover. If you've received a quote, you can read more about the policies you've been quoted on by viewing the appropriate PDS below.

You can also check the following articles for more information on your insurance quotes.

AIA AIA MaxiLife Funeral Expenses PDS
Issued 18 January 2016
210.3 KB  Download
AIA AIA Priority Protection PDS
Issued 10 December 2016
1.2 MB  Download
AMP AMP Elevate insurance PDS
Issued 1 January 2017
1.4 MB  Download
AMP AMP Flexible Lifetime PDS
Issued 19 May 2014
1.6 MB  Download
AMP AMP North PDS Part A
Issued 1 February 2017
1.5 MB  Download
AMP AMP North PDS Part B
Issued 12 February 2016
2.1 MB  Download
Asteron Asteron Life Insurance PDS
Issued 1 June 2015
2.3 MB  Download
BT BT Protection Plans PDS
Issued 19 May 2014
2.3 MB  Download
ClearView ClearView Combined PDS
Issued 21 October 2016
915.2 KB  Download
CommInsure CommInsure Protection PDS
Issued 13 November 2016
2.7 MB  Download
IOOF IOOF Pursuit Focus PDS
Issued 1 July 2014
527.4 KB  Download
MLC MLC Insurance PDS
Issued 3 October 2016
2.6 MB  Download
Netwealth Investments Netwealth Investments Super Accelerator PDS
Issued 2 April 2015
1.1 MB  Download
OnePath OnePath OneCare PDS
Issued 6 November 2016
1.1 MB  Download
TAL TAL Accelerated Protection PDS
Issued 1 July 2016
1.7 MB  Download
Zurich Zurich FutureWise PDS
Issued 1 October 2016
1.6 MB  Download
Zurich Zurich Wealth Protection PDS
Issued 21 December 2015
2.8 MB  Download

Important Information

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